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Dupsing Rinpoche

2014 to 2015 SCHEDULE

2nd to 4th March: New Year Celebration at JCM with Tapal Camp People.

5th March: Pokhara to Kathmandu

6th- 13th March: Time for his mother & Kagyu Institute for Buddhist studies.

14th- 30th March: Teaching at 3 years 3 months retreat center.

1st - 7th April: Jangchub Choeling Monastery.

8th - 16th April: Swayambu & Kirtipur

17th - 25th April: Teaching at Ngedon Palbar Ling Retreat Center.

26th- 27th: Time with his mother.

28th April: Departure for Paris, France.

29th April to 1st May: Teaching in Paris

2nd to 5th May: Teaching at Dhagpo Center,France

6th May: Fly to New York, USA.

7thth to 12th: Teaching and Initiation for Sherpa Community/ Dharmakaya/Bodhipath. Talk at Rubin Museum of Art in New York. (To be confirmed)

12th May: Fly to London, UK

13th May: Camberly

14th May: Buddha Jayanti Program with Buddhist Community Center in The UK.

15th May: Fanbrough, UK

16th May: Modern, UK

18th May: Maidstone

19th: London

20th May: Fly to Frankfurt

21st - 23rd: program with Sowa Rigpa Student in Germany.

24th- 28th: Switzerland & Latvia.

29th - 31st: Public Teaching in Gieslingen, Germany.

1st June - 6th June: Teaching in St. Petersburg, Russia.

7th & 8th June: teaching in Kursk

9th-10th: Teaching in Moscow, Russia,

11th to 15th: Medicine Buddha Retreat in Germany.

16th - 18th: Teaching at Ngakpa Center in Mannheim.

19th to 22th: Teaching in Vienna public school & audience for pokhara people.

23rd June: Copenhagen.

24th June: Gedsted, Denmark.

25th to 28th: Meditation course at KSCL Center in Denmark.

29th June: Empowerment at KSCL.

30th to 3rd July: Teaching on Chenresig Practice.

4th July: Copenhagen to Taiwan

5th to 8th July: Book Discussion Club in Taipei,Taiwan

9th July: Taiwan to Hong Kong

10th to 13th: Teaching in Hong Kong

14th July: Hong Kong to Vietnam

15th to 18th: Teaching in Vietnam

19th to 29th July: Phowa Retreat in Thailand.

30th July: Bangkok to Singaporem

31st to 4th August: Several Programs in Singapore

5th August: Singapore to Malaysia.

6th to 10th Aug: Programs in Kuala Lumpur.

11th to 13th: Tampin center

14th to 19th: Karma Norbuling, Bukit Mertajam, Penang

20th to 24th: Kagyud Dharma Society, Johor Bahru

26th Aug: Arrival at Bodhipath Center in Kuching from Johor Bharu.

27th & 28th: Preparation Days

29th to 31st Aug: Actual Program in Kuching organized by Bodhipath Center.

1st to 8th September : Seoul, Bushan in Korea

9th September: Fly back to Nepal

10th to 13th September: Swayambu and KIBS

13th Sept: Jangchub Choeling Monastery

18th to 30th : Teaching at 3 years 3 months retreat center.

1st to 7th October: Tharpa Choling Nunnery Muktinath

8th to 10th: Jangchub Choeling Monastery

11th to 28th: Teaching for retreat Lama at Karma Ngedon Palbar Ling Retreat Center.

30th to 6th November: Meditation Course at Kagyu Institute For Buddhist Studies at Kirtipur.

8th to 17th November: Rinpoche will be in Retreat at Sarankot Retreat Center.

18th to 4th December: Teaching for retreat lama.

5th to 10th December: Closing Ceremony Of The Completion on 3 years 3 months Karma Kagyu Traditional Retreat.

11th to 22nd: Melbourn, Sydney, Australia

23rd to 2nd January 2015 : Teaching at KIBI

4th January: Fly to KTM

5th to 8th: Time for his mother

9th to 15th: Jangchub Choeling Monastery

15th to 10th February : Rinpoche will be in Retreat.

11th to 19th February: Group Mahakala Retreat at JCM.

20th Feb: Tib New Year Celebration.